Ariffin Aris Visuals is about the world of photography from services to products. Photography services covers Corporate Events, Family & Friends Portraiture, Engagement & Wedding, Print Advertisement, Progressive Report and Annual Report, Private Functions (birthday, family day, etc.), Sports and Underwater Photography (and videography). does not just end there; he extends his services through online printing sales of his pictures. His signature print, which is growing popularity amongst the corporate offices and picture enthusiasts would be Fusion Print. has combined his passion for photography and underwater world by bringing in GNOM ROV – an underwater remotely operated vehicle. is the sole distributor for this ROV in Malaysia and Indonesia under the flagship of Harum Serantau Sdn Bhd.

Khairul Ariffin bin Mohd Aris, who is the founder of - is the principal photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He can be operating from anywhere (vertically and horizontally) from 500 feet above the ground to 30 meters below the sea. He travels extensively not only within the Southeast Asia Region but also the North America and Europe to gain experience.

Khairul Ariffin bin Mohd Aris or better known as Ariffin started photography when he was about 10 years old after discovering his father's Canon AE1. Since then he has been bitten by the photography bug and entered a whole new dimension of photography. The things he loves most about photography is when the perfect moment comes, you are there to immortalize it in your own style. To be able to share and enjoy it with the world is the most rewarding experience and he can start the whole process all over again.

These have inspired Ariffin to start in year 2006, when he decided to become a fulltime professional photographer. Since then, he has worked for Bank Negara Malaysia, Biotech Corporation, Istana Negara, Naza Group, Coral Malaysia and Sime Darby just to name a few. At the same time, he works along with associate photographers such as Irwanizam Musa.

As continues to nurture his passion in photography, he strongly believes in engaging his ideas with his clients prior to event to ensure that they understand each others’ needs and preference. Most importantly to is to be able to deliver above clients’ expectations.